Varalakshmi Pooja
(Goddess Varalakshmi)

Spiritual importance of Akshaya Tritiya
Vara Lakshmi (Vara / Varam=Boon, Lakshmi=goddess of wealth)

Varalakshmi Vrata Puja is a very powerful and a holy one. It is an important pooja performed by many women in the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and also in some parts of Maharashtra and Odisha.

Varalakshmi Vrata Puja falls in the Shravana month (August-September / Aadi-Aavani month in Tamil calendar). Sumangalis' should undertake fasting and do this puja only after Raahu Kaala i.e. after noon hours, and is supposed to be performed as per one's family traditions. The main intention of this puja is for leading a good, happy and long marital life with their husband. This puja is a social affair. The Mother-in-law and the Daughters-in-law should do it together and if in case due to unavoidable reasons, this is not done on the puja day, then same may be done on the next Friday. However, whatever may the reason be, this puja should be done by every Sumangali-daughters of daughters' in law and get the puja get done at home.

Varalaxmi Vratam

Worshiping Goddess Varalakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshiping Ashtalaksmi - the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Learning, Love, Fame, Peace, Pleasure, and Strength.

Goddess Lakshmi not only bestows wealth and all sorts of material prosperity, but also imparts divine wisdom to all Her devotees. She is Vidya Shakti. She introduces Her devotees to Her Lord. She recommends them to Her Lord for their salvation.

How to Decorate Pooja Room:

  • Clean your house, Pooja room and floor a day before Puja.
  • Decorate the Pooja room with Rangoli
  • Draw the deity's face on the wall if that is your tradition
  • Install Pooja Mandap in your Pooja room
  • Decorate Pooja Mandap with Mango leaves & Banana plants on both the sides.

Kalasam Decoration & Inviting Goddess:

  • The Kalash / Kalasam could be Gold, Silver or Copper.
  • Fill the Kalasam with water as per your tradition.
  • Fill it with rice, lemon, betal leaves & nuts and coins inside the Kalash.
  • Decorate Kalasam with Mango leaves.
  • Apply turmerc paste on the coconut.
  • Tie the deity's face with Coconut and keep it on the Kalash.
  • Garland a Vastram (blouse bit) on it.
  • Put the banana leaf facing east. Then keep a copper plate and spread rice on that plate.
  • Now keep the Kalasam on the copper plate.
  • Chant shlokas, perform harathi for Kalash and invite deity from the entrance of your house.
  • Invite Goddess Varalakshmi inside your pooja room and start the pooja.

Sarva mangala maangalyae
Aavaahayaami daeveetavaam
Abheeshta phaladaa bhava
Asmin kalashae varalakshmeem aavaaahayaami

It is believed that after inviting the deity, by chanting shlokas and mantraas, the deity will get life into it.

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